The International Little Prince Day

1, Jan, 2023

June 29, the date of the birth of Antoine de Saint Exupéry, is officially the International Little Prince Day. Celebrated around the world to promote the values and universality of the Little Prince, this day has aims to federate numerous initiatives around messages of hope, peace and respect.

In 2022, imagination and creation were in the spotlight for this international day. The appeal to the imagination is part of the essence of The Little Prince. Creativity, imagination, learning and, through all of this, childhood, are the values celebrated on the International Day of the Little Prince. Develop a taste for creativity to create the world of tomorrow! On this occasion, the Little Prince and his partners organized actions and events to stimulate this creativity and bring it to life!

We have launched a major online creative contest for all children around the world. This contest was launched by Olivier Rousteing, creative director of Balmain, and relayed by artists on all social networks. Our publishing partner AEDIS has offered 5,000 books, in several circuits, to allow all children to develop their knowledge and creativity!

Webisodes have been published on all The Little Prince social networks to give a voice to current artists working on the new animated series “The Little Prince and his friends”. The challenges encountered, the way the series is made and how the imagination develops, so many questions answered by the creative teams to open the dialogue around passions and give children the desire to believe in their dreams.

In 2023, The Little Prince and its partners will once again organize actions and events aimed at uniting people around messages of hope, peace and respect.

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