A fusion of magic and elegance with Crudo and The Little Prince!

21, Jan, 2024

Discover an exclusive collection where the magnificent Little Prince pendants blend freely with Crudo’s Italian leather or silver bracelets to create unique pieces, for women and men alike ✨



This collection, inspired by The Little Prince’s journey, celebrates innocence with characters from the tale transformed into 7 interchangeable pendants, in metal or silver. Match them with your iconic bracelets for a unique style!



With the exclusive personalization service, engrave the most touching quotes on your bracelet, expressing the essence of your inner child and standing out with elegance.



The Little Prince limited gift box packaging can be converted into a greeting card, allowing you to personally express your most heartfelt wishes. Let the warmth of your words transform this gesture into a magnificent journey filled with wonder. 🎁



✨ Create your own style now ✨

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