A limited collection of The Little Prince x IQUNIX keyboards

10, Mar, 2023

IQUNIX is a renowned keyboard brand in China, specializing in high-end keyboards with elegant designs. One of their flagship models is the ZX75 keyboard, for which they have created several successful designs.

In 2022, IQUNIX launched a new range of limited edition keyboards in collaboration with one of the world’s most famous works, The Little Prince.

The compact 75% mechanical keyboard, named ZX75, incorporates the story of The Little Prince through two beautiful color options, referencing key moments in the book.

The White model, inspired by the 44 sunsets in The Little Prince’s journey, offers a soft and soothing color palette. The Blue model, on the other hand, is reminiscent of the night sky filled with brilliant stars, offering an immersive and captivating typing experience.

The ZX75 Little Prince range is an elegant and refined addition to the IQUNIX keyboard collection, offering design and literature enthusiasts a unique and inspiring typing experience.


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