A new collaboration to celebrate the 80th anniversary!

14, Jun, 2023

Celebrate the Little Prince with the new range of children’s products by Nin Nin in collaboration with Le Petit Prince!

Wonderful newborn gifts specially designed for toddlers, and a wonderful tribute to childhood and the poetic world of The Little Prince.✨

These adorable comforters will become your little explorers’ faithful companions, offering comfort and companionship. Soft pillows are where dreams come to life. These delicate bandana bibs, adorned with poetic symbols, will protect your little angel’s precious clothes during mealtimes. And for moments of infinite tenderness, these cozy blankets will wrap your child in a cocoon of softness.

This collaboration between Nin Nin and Le Petit Prince celebrates childhood and the timeless values transmitted by this iconic character. Each piece in this collection has been created with love and care to capture the magic of The Little Prince’s world.

Don’t miss your chance to discover this exceptional range now!

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