A new SuperPetit coloring set for the 80th anniversary

7, Apr, 2023

SuperPetit celebrates the 80th anniversary of the Little Prince with its new silicone coloring set, on the theme of our favorite little hero!

“All grown-ups were children first.” With Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s original illustrations, this poetic and timeless coloring mat will touch the hearts of children and adults alike!

1 box includes 1 silicone set to color and 5 erasable markers. Color, erase, and start again! this clever set is infinitely reusable!

This set can also be used as a desk underhand. This gives space to creativity for hours. Great gift idea!

A set to discover now on the site of SuperPetit!

SuperPetit is a French brand for children that offers playful, sustainable, and nomadic accessories and everyday objects. A range of innovative and creative products adopted by all children and integrating perfectly into the lifestyles of modern parents. 

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