An immersive show in Istanbul – The Little Prince : Story of Friendship

31, Jan, 2023

After a first success in Dubai in October 2022, a unique immersive show is presented in Istanbul from January 20 to February 5 before touring in other countries.

Using the latest in traditional and digital staging technology, and based on an impressive adaptation of the story, The Little Prince: A Tale of Friendship tells the magical story of the Little Prince and his friendship with a pilot. As this iconic story comes to life in 360°, both the pilot and the Little Prince discover the secrets of creating ties with others, love, and friendship.
This exceptional experience will transport you to a magical world, unlike anything you’ve ever seen. So join the Little Prince on his journey across the universe as he meets many fascinating characters who help him find his own way in that baffling world of grown-ups.
Keep your eyes wide open, but remember:  It is only with the heart that one can see rightly.

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