Create your own Little Prince in Paper Toy!

17, Apr, 2024

Are you looking for a poetic and artistic activity to brighten up your days? Why not try making your own Little Prince in Paper Toy? Suitable for all, this activity promises you the creation of an office or bedroom companion inspired by the adventures of the famous character. 🌟

👇 Follow these 5 steps to get started!



Step 1: Print the template

Start by downloading the Little Prince Paper Toy template by clicking on the link below. Make sure to print the 2 pages (head and body) on an A4 sheet, preferably 250g paper, for better quality. 📄

🌟 I print my Paper Toy!


Step 2: Carefully Cut

– Use scissors to cut all page shapes carefully. Be precise and take your time to get sharp edges. ✂️

– Use a utility knife to split white lines marked with letters. For younger children, this step requires the help of an adult.


Step 3: Fold along the lines

On the model, you will see black lines indicating where to fold. Use a tool like a ruler or just your fingers to fold the paper along these lines. Make sure the folds are well-marked. 📏



Step 4: Assemble the parts

We just have to assemble all the parts! Usually, you don’t need tape or glue, but you can still use it to add resistance to your creation. 🏋️‍♀️


Step 5: Enjoy your Little Prince Paper Toy!

Once all the parts have been carefully assembled to form the Little Prince, all you have to do is place your Paper Toy on your desk or shelf! ✨



Now that you know how to create your own Little Prince in Paper Toy, it’s time to unleash your creativity and have fun! And do not hesitate to share your creations on our social media!


The tutorial in video: 


De quoi vous occuper pendant une bonne partie de la journée ! Le template à découper est disponible sur notre site 🥰 Vous connaissiez les activités Paper Toy ? #activity #activityforkids #art #activitemanuelle #diy #doityourself #lepetitprince #thelittleprince

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