DS unveils a new collection in tribute to Antoine de Saint Exupéry

15, May, 2024

For the 80th anniversary of Antoine de Saint Exupéry’s death, DS Automobiles presented an exclusive new range of 3 models in tribute to the pilot-writer at the Musée de l’Air et de l’Espace at Le Bourget on May 13, 2024.

The unveiling, in the presence of Olivier d’Agay, President of the Antoine de Saint Exupéry Youth Foundation, with the participation of pianist Marcela Roggieri and slammer Fafapunk, was an opportunity to recall the points in common between DS Automobiles and Antoine de Saint Exupéry: French travel culture, a passion for adventure and exploration, and an avant-garde spirit.

4 masterpieces in the spotlight

Available on the DS 3, DS 4, and DS 7 models, a work by the writer-aviator inspires each car in the Antoine de Saint Exupéry Collection and features a new exclusive color called “Vol de Nuit”, offering golden reflections evoking a starry sky. Inside, the retro ambiance of twentieth-century aviators is captured with Criollo Brown Nappa leather, accented by innovative embroidery reminiscent of an airplane trail. Special badges and plaques adorn the cars with quotations and drawings from the works of Saint Exupéry, completing this exclusive signature.

The offer includes all the engines available on each model: 100% electric, plug-in hybrid, hybrid, petrol and diesel.

Available today in Spain, on May 22 in the Netherlands, and on June 1 in France and Europe.

The Little Prince for the DS 3 Antoine de Saint Exupéry
For some, who are travelers, the stars are guides

Courrier Sud for DS 4 Antoine de Saint Exupéry
“Up there the stars serve as the measure of true distances.”

Citadelle for le DS 7 Antoine de Saint Exupéry
“Up there the stars serve as the measure of true distances.”

An action with the Antoine de Saint Exupéry Foundation for Youth

A DS 3 Le Petit Prince full electric has been donated to the Antoine de Saint Exupéry Youth Foundation and will shortly be auctioned off to support the services of Hôpital Gustave Roussy, Europe’s leading cancer treatment center.

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