Game of Sultans x Le Petit Prince, an intergalactic collaboration

16, Oct, 2023

The Sultan goes intergalactic! Embark on an exciting adventure across the universe in a thrilling collaboration between Game of Sultans and The Little Prince. 🪐

Developed by Mechanist Games and Clicktouch Technology, Game of Sultans is a romantic empire builder set during the Ottoman Empire, in which you experience romantic encounters, manage your Empire alongside wise Viziers, and raise your heirs and pets to ensure your empire’s future.

An interstellar adventure full of childlike wonder awaits — meet familiar characters from The Little Prince, earn unique rewards, and find your way home in this exciting retelling of a classic story. 📖

Embark on a thrilling, intergalactic adventure spread over six planets, with the Little Prince as your friend and guide each step of the way; participate in games and events to win limited-time rewards; climb the team rankings and rule the Milky Way!


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