Join the Little Prince on his galactic journey as he celebrates his 80th birthday in Ocean Park!

5, Jan, 2024

The Little Prince, the emblematic character from Saint Exupéry’s tale, who celebrates his 80th birthday this year, has found his place in Ocean Park in Hong Kong! From January 2nd, 2024 to May 5th, 2024, embark on a sparkling journey of lights and shadows and continue your walk under the glittering canopy of lights and light installations dotted around the park. ✨

Let The Little Prince be your trusted guide as you venture into this enigmatic celestial realm, revealing its awe-inspiring wonders at every turn.

During his journey, the Little Prince visited many planets. The Little Prince Starry Universe takes us back to his home planet, B612, for a new adventure! Climb aboard the aviator’s plane and immerse yourself in the dreamlike world of the Little Prince, and soak up a majestic kaleidoscope of dazzling colors. The end of the journey will take you to the other side of the galaxy, greeted by a magnificent rose garden.

Take a stroll down The Little Prince Light Alley to see the twinkling lights suspended overhead. Spot the charming Little Prince, the fox, and his beloved rose! Walk under the starlight to appreciate the beauty of this special gift from the Little Prince that you can only see with your heart.

Along the way, you’ll discover several installations, including a light projection of The Little Prince at Aqua City Lagoon, a giant rose garden at Waterfront Plaza, and a starry statue of The Little Prince perched high on The Summit.

To make the experience last, Ocean Park presents an exclusive series of “Galactic Voyage” souvenirs. The Little Prince and the Fox make their debut with a new blue and white striped costume. Among the must-haves are bags, plush toys, a set of embroidered badges, binders, and a glow-in-the-dark mug.

Finally, Ocean Park offers a varied gastronomic experience with their many restaurants such as Aqua City Bakery and their colorful desserts, Tuxedos Restaurant and their Made in France recipes, and Ginger Grill and its Thai cuisine. 🍜




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📍 Ocean Park Hong Kong, 180 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong

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