La Grande Librairie celebrates the 80th anniversary of The Little Prince Wednesday, March 29 at 9pm

27, Mar, 2023

The cultural show of France 5, La Grande Librairie, celebrates the 80th anniversary of the first publication of the famous philosophical tale of Saint-Exupéry, Le Petit Prince. Broadcast this Wednesday, March 29 at 9pm (French time), this special episode will highlight the impact of the work on French and international literature.

The Little Prince has become a must-read book for children and adults alike, thanks to its poetry, magnificent illustrations, and many universal themes. Since its publication, the book has been translated into over 500 languages and dialects, making it the second most translated book in the world.

The special episode of La Grande Librairie will present exchanges between renowned guests – Thomas Rivière, great-grandnephew of Saint-Exupéry, Michel Bussi, author of Code 612: who killed the Little Prince? Joann Sfar, author of the comic book, The Little Prince – who will tell the story of this immense success and the mysteries that still surround it today. It will be an opportunity for viewers to (re)discover the emblematic work of Saint-Exupéry and immerse themselves in the fascinating universe of the Little Prince.

In short, La Grande Librairie will pay tribute to the Little Prince and his author by celebrating their contribution to French and world literature. This special issue will be an invitation to explore the work from a new perspective and appreciate its timeless message for future generations.

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