Le Petit Prince × Nicolai Bergmann Flower Box Collection

20, Mar, 2024

In Japan, Nicolai Bergmann Flowers & Design is offering limited edition flower boxes featuring Le Petit Prince ☘️🪻

The limited flower boxes resonate with the secret of Nicolai Bergmann’s flower box, which is not revealed until the boxes are opened, and with the famous Little Prince’s quote “What is essential is invisible to the eye”.


– Le Petit Prince × Nicolai Bergmann Flower Box – – beige –



“Beige” features various scenes of The Little Prince and has been designed with watercolour graphics which is similar to the touch of the author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The box itself is beige as the main colour, giving a sense of calmness. It also expresses the warmth and tenderness people feel when they read the story.

Made with selected roses and carnations, the beautiful colour gradient draws into the world of The Little Prince.💛🤎


– Le Petit Prince × Nicolai Bergmann Flower Box – – bleu-vert –



“Bleu-vert” is designed with the moment of The Little Prince who travels through space to the Earth to visit an asteroid, encounters a variety of animals such as foxes and birds, and learns from them the secret that “What is essential is invisible to the eye.”. The Universe and life’s depth and ambiguity are expressed in blue and green colours.

It consists of a selection of fresh roses that the Prince adores and colourful carnations and mums that make a glamorous world. 💙💚


Only available in Japan 


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