Olulo x The Little Prince : A Collaboration made in Thailand

31, Mar, 2024

Thai brand Olulo, created by War Wanarat, joins forces with The Little Prince in a captivating collaboration, offering a range of authentic products that celebrate the spirit of the timeless tale. From cozy sweatshirts and casual t-shirts to practical water bottles and reversible bags, each piece embodies the spirit of the Little Prince and transports the wearer into a dream world.



The story of the Little Prince strongly recalls that of Olulo, a young man from the planet of the same name, carried by the clover. Olulo aspires to explore new horizons, symbolized by his ability to free himself from his atmosphere, just like Ayla, the little rabbit of the moon, who helps him when he encounters obstacles.



Through designs inspired by the dreamlike world of The Little Prince, Olulo invites everyone to explore their own stories, dreams, and aspirations. The sweatshirts, featuring motifs inspired by the Little Prince’s iconic illustrations, will give you warmth and comfort while transporting you to a dream world. The t-shirts, adorned with evocative quotes and subtle designs, will let you show your love for this work with style and elegance.



As for the water bottles and bags, they will become your faithful companions on all your adventures, whether in town or out in the wilderness. Practical, with details reminiscent of the Little Prince’s themes, these accessories combine functionality and aesthetics.



Only available in Thailand

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