When the Poetry of Saint-Exupéry Inspires ONCH

2, Jul, 2024

To honor The Little Prince, ONCH has created a limited edition whimsical collection, including a necklace and skateboard board.

To immortalize this encounter, ONCH presents the necklace “Pretzel Prince”. This unique jewel features the Little Prince embracing a doubly twisted pretzel, ONCH’s signature, symbol of both a heart and DNA, embodying an unbreakable bond. Limited to just 80 pieces, each necklace is a treasure with a hand-numbered card and crafted with rainbow-plated metal, adding a touch of enchantment and magic to any outfit.

For fans of sensation and cosmic adventure, ONCH also offers a limited edition skateboard board. This tribute awakens the imagination, just as the book did in our youth. The board “Pretzel Prince” shines in the dark and presents the contemplative Little Prince on a pretzel planet, symbolizing an unwavering bond of heart and heritage.

Cherish the wisdom of looking beyond appearances to discover the secrets of the heart. The Little Prince x ONCH collection is a daily reminder of the invisible essence that matters.

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