The Little Prince at the Four Seasons Hotel Beijing

12, May, 2024

To celebrate the 80th anniversary of The Little Prince, the Four Seasons Hotel Beijing is offering a themed suite inspired by Saint-Exupéry’s famous tale. Designed with Medialink Group, an exclusive agent for The Little Prince in Asia-Pacific, and IYEE, a specialist in immersive experiences, this suite takes guests on a poetic journey.

Blue carpets and cloudy wallpapers set a celestial mood. The red airplane bed with its slide invites adventure, while hidden motifs such as the Great Wall of China and the Temple of Heaven add a touch of Beijing to the world of The Little Prince. A planetary tent, with elements reminiscent of the stars and sky, offers a magical experience for children.

The suites are not just for the little ones; they also revive the childlike soul of adults. On the banks of the Liangma River, we rediscover the serenity and essence of the tale: “All grown-ups were once children. But few remember.” This immersive experience reminds us of the importance of authenticity and sincerity.

Guests of the Little Prince suite enjoy special privileges, including a cake shaped like a planetary rose, dining and spa credits, and gifts for children. A memorable adventure awaits the whole family in the heart of Beijing!

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