The Little Prince Musical in Barcelona celebrates its 10th anniversary!

25, Feb, 2024

The musical “El Petit Princep” celebrates its tenth anniversary with more than 400,000 fans and 700 performances to its credit. Created by Ángel Llàcer, Manu Guix, and La Perla 29, this production has become a real phenomenon in Catalonia, captivating spectators of all ages.



This adaptation of Saint-Exupéry’s timeless work transports audiences to a world of poetry, adventure, and emotion at every performance. With its vibrant performances, enchanting sets, and catchy songs, “El Petit Princep” offers an unforgettable theatrical experience that resonates in everyone’s heart.

As the tenth season draws to a close, fans can already look forward to the eleventh season scheduled for late 2024. “El Petit Princep” promises even more moments of happiness and wonder for all those privileged enough to attend.

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