The Little Prince Park

11, Feb, 2019

New Season on April 6th

Opening of the Park on April 6th.
Discover what’s new in 2019!

In the heart of Alsace, between Colmar and Mulhouse, the Petit Prince Park is the first interpretation of the work of Antoine de Saint Exupéry by an amusement park.
At once poetic, educational and above all very fun, the 34 attractions and activities in the park attract more families every year. The 200,000 visitor mark was reached in 2018, 2.5 times more than the opening in 2014.

A new thrilling attraction: “Thunder Stone”
On board one of the 5 asteroids, visitors will experience the experience of a
chaotic journey in space. Will they manage not to fall into the hole
black and not hit the huge meteorite?

The renovation of an Alsatian boutique hotel that offers, in partnership
with its neighbor the Ecomusée d’Alsace, a family-oriented tourist destination
without equivalent in Alsace.

The opening of a new animal zone: “Tame us”, in which children can easily tame their favorite animal even the most fearful!

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