The Little Prince’s 80th anniversary : an exceptional anniversary in review

12, Dec, 2023

2023 was an exceptional anniversary year for The Little Prince! From the inauguration of the Little Prince statue on Fifth Avenue to the immersive exhibition in Miami, relive the unforgettable moments of the anniversary year of Saint-Exupéry’s legendary book! 🎂

Immerse yourself in the international partnerships that brought this unique adventure to life! Explore the captivating exhibitions that reveal the mysteries and timeless beauty of The Little Prince. Travel the world with enchanting shows that have amazed audiences everywhere. ✨



The Little Prince invites you to relive every significant moment of this extraordinary anniversary year, highlighting the magical moments and unforgettable encounters.

Stay connected to continue exploring the new frontiers of this timeless story together! In 2024, prepare to be transported once again into the poetic universe of the Little Prince 🪐



✨ Thank you all for spreading the work of Saint Exupéry through the ages ✨

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