The Little Prince’s Eternal Love Captured in the F97 Keyboard by IQUNIX

31, Jan, 2024

Discover the F97 Floral Date mechanical keyboard from IQUNIX, in collaboration with Le Petit Prince. A delicate expression of the sincere and unique love between the Little Prince and his beloved Rose 🌹

Inspired by their charming story, this keyboard embodies a fusion of deep emotions. The delicate rose motifs adorning the keys symbolize the faithful protection the Little Prince offers his precious flower. Each key evokes deep feelings and infinite attachment between the two, immortalizing their pure, precious love in every keyboard detail.


Design Language


The keyboard’s overall design is natural and refreshing, with milky yellow and white keys accompanied by light green lettering. These elements create a natural, comfortable, and refreshing atmosphere. In addition to the main area, the surrounding touches are adorned with Little Prince-inspired motifs, such as roses, foxes, planet B-612, sheep, and more. These rich details are imbued with sincerity, adding a touch of authenticity to the keyboard’s aesthetics.


New Petit Prince keyboard keys


The keys of the F97 Floral Date keyboard are coated with a thin layer of PBT dye, adding a touch of delicacy. Milky white predominates, in perfect harmony with the refreshing light green lettering. In addition to familiar motifs such as roses and foxes, sheep motifs adorn the space bar and keys, offering delicate patterns and soft, natural colors that evoke idyllic warmth.


An exquisite Gift box


The Keyboard Box is more than just packaging; it’s a tribute to The Little Prince. Immerse yourself in the world of this story through its covers and pages, making it the perfect gift for those looking for a heartfelt connection with their loved ones.


“It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important.”



🌹Le Petit Prince F97 Floral Date Mechanical Keyboard🌹


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