The Well Read Collection for Literature Lovers

23, Feb, 2024

This week, take the magic of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry with you with Well Read products, all inspired by the original French cover of The Little Prince and sure to captivate your literary heart.

The tote bags in the collection are both practical and aesthetically pleasing, perfect for accompanying your days while adding a touch of poetry to your style. With their enchanting illustrations of The Little Prince, these bags are sure to draw admiration wherever you go.

The purses and wallets embody the very essence of Saint-Exupéry’s work. Their delicate details and motifs inspired by the cover of The Little Prince will transport you to a world of reverie and reflection, every time you take them out to pay for your purchases.

And what about shoulder bags? They’re simply irresistible. Designed to look like real books, these bags let you show off your love of literature while remaining elegant and sophisticated.

These unique pieces are much more than accessories; they are vibrant tributes to a story that has touched the hearts of millions of readers around the world.

On this day dedicated to the mother tongue, let yourself be seduced by the timeless beauty of The Little Prince with Well Read products.


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“All grown ups were once children…but few of them remember it.”

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