A new anniversary edition in 4 languages edited by Livraria Lello!

16, May, 2023

For The Little Prince’s 80th anniversary, Livraria Lello is launching a commemorative edition in partnership with the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Foundation.

Available in four languages – Portuguese, French, English, and Spanish – this special edition, printed in silver on a blue background, transports readers into the space world of the Little Prince. In keeping with tradition, the book’s pages are closed and untrimmed, but they can be easily opened with a personalized bookmark provided with each copy. (Follow the tutorial here!)

An exclusive chapter is dedicated to content provided by the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Foundation, offering readers privileged access to priceless treasures. These treasures include photographs, a biography of the author, Saint-Exupéry’s diary from 1944, a pencil drawing of The Little Prince, and the image of Exupéry’s bracelet, found at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea in 1998.

Translations already available on The Little Prince Collection!