Le Petit Prince x Skultuna: A golden collaboration

6, Jun, 2024

To celebrate the unforgettable character of The Little Prince, Skultuna, an iconic Swedish brand, has teamed up with Le Petit Prince to launch an exclusive collection of three gold-plated products. This collaboration marks a meeting between luxury craftsmanship and literary magic, offering exceptional objects that are both elegant and imbued with poetry.

Skultuna: a tradition of excellence

Founded in 1607 by King Karl IX of Sweden, Skultuna is one of the world’s oldest companies, specializing in refined metal objects. Purveyor to the Royal Court of Sweden, Skultuna stands out for its home and fashion accessories, created by renowned international designers. Always with an unrivaled sense of quality, functionality, and design, Skultuna continues to create the antiques of tomorrow.

Gold-plated “The Little Prince” figurine: This delicately crafted 63 mm sculpture captures the essence and innocence of The Little Prince, recalling his journey and discoveries throughout the universe.

Gold-plated “The Little Prince on his Planet” figurine: A tribute to the iconic scene where the Little Prince stands on his planet, gazing up at the stars. This imposing 113 mm larger piece will be the jewel of any collection.

Gold-plated “The Little Prince on his Moon” necklace: This refined, elegant 22 mm jewel features the Little Prince on his moon, perfect for those who want to wear a piece of this enchanted universe close to their heart.

Don’t miss the launch of these new products by pre-ordering them now from our online store!

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