The Little Prince in Hieroglyph: A World Unique Edition

30, Aug, 2023

A new literary adventure is offered to lovers of the Little Prince with a quite exceptional edition: The Little Prince translated into hieroglyphs. This unique edition merges the art of ancient Egypt with the timeless tale of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

Accompanied by the original watercolors of the author, this edition is a real collector’s item since it is limited to 612 copies and numbered from 001 to 612!

With a hardcover, this special edition is published by Tintenfass and printed in Germany. It marks the beginning of the “Unique in the World” collection, a series of limited editions that celebrates The Little Prince, one of the most universally appreciated books. A unique opportunity to discover this tale from a new angle, where literature meets history.

An edition to discover on Le Petit Prince Collection!

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