Néroli Plein Sud by Guerlain: An Olfactory Voyage Inspired by Saint Exupéry

25, Jan, 2024

Guerlain takes us on a unique new olfactory journey with Néroli Plein Sud, a vibrant, spicy, and woody interpretation of neroli. Delving into the Moroccan origins of this fragrance, Parfumeurs Guerlain was inspired by Antoine de Saint Exupéry’s travels to the south. This masterful collaboration between the famous sky adventurer and the artisan perfumers unveils a stunning fragrance, a harmony between earth and sky. ✨


Neroli in the Moroccan sun

In Khemisset, Morocco, Parfumeurs Guerlain discovered a unique orange blossom, organically grown and harvested at dawn. Steam-distilled on-site becomes a floral, luminous, lively neroli essence, embodied in the fragrance Néroli Plein Sud. Under the Moroccan sun, the luminous flight of orange blossom is jolted by the spicy heat of desert sands, carried by turmeric and cinnamon, to land on powerful, woody notes of vetiver finally.

Néroli Plein Sud, a tribute to the bond between Antoine de Saint Exupéry and the House of Guerlain, recounts the aviation pioneer’s travels between Europe and Morocco, evoking an imaginary travel diary as if this fragrance were a book, an actual travel diary by Antoine de Saint Exupéry.

“If Néroli Plein Sud were a book, it would be a travel diary by Antoine de Saint Exupéry”. Delphine Jelk, Guerlain Perfumer


Saint Exupéry Edition: Artistic Tribute

Guerlain, in collaboration with the Antoine de Saint Exupéry Youth Foundation, extends the olfactory imprint of Néroli Plein Sud with an art edition evoking the skies. This edition features a fresco of original sketches taken from the explorer’s flight logs, merging harmoniously with a bottle adorned with an exclusive plate, reflecting the gradation of aeronautical twilight.

Designed like a real flight log, the Néroli Plein Sud Saint Exupéry Édition case features the aviator’s original sketches, while its bottle is adorned with a unique collector’s plate. With only 1,000 copies available worldwide, this exclusive case transports admirers to Antoine de Saint Exupéry’s southern travels, illustrating the flight of a plane from Toulouse to Dakar under a twilight sky, piloted by an aviator bundled up in his high-collared jacket.


A Story Across the Decades

The story of Guerlain and Antoine de Saint Exupéry began in 1933 with the perfume Vol de Nuit, composed by Jacques Guerlain as a tribute to the writer’s novel of the same name, which recalls his night flights to South America. 90 years later, Guerlain continues this long-standing story with Néroli Plein Sud, inspired by the aviator’s travels to Morocco, recounted in his novel Courrier Sud.

For the occasion, Maison Guerlain has joined forces with the Antoine de Saint Exupéry Youth Foundation, which works with local associations in over 30 countries to support philanthropic initiatives in the fields of education, culture, and the fight against illiteracy, in support of the universal humanist values of the famous writer and aviator.


The Perfumer’s Words

“Néroli Plein Sud is the pure freshness of Moroccan orange blossom enhanced by the sensuality of spices, turmeric, cinnamon, and ginger… like a fresh breeze blowing across the warm sands of the Sahara.” Delphine Jelk, Guerlain Perfumer.




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