The Little Prince in German Polyglot: An Anniversary Edition

12, Sep, 2023

With this anniversary edition, Tintenfass Publishing presents the 200th edition of The Little Prince in foreign languages from around the world and in many dialects! The 29 chapters of the “Little Prince” (including the dedication and the epilogue) are each devoted to a different German variety, starting with the standard German version of the dedication (“Für Léon Werth”), then gradually choosing by chapter of the dialects in Low German, Middle German and Upper German. German dialects spoken outside Germany, in France (Alsace), Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Italy (South Tyrol), Brazil, and the United States are also taken into account.

In this edition, each chapter is reproduced in a different language, making it a unique edition in the world!

On pre-sale – In store mid-September 2023

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